Thom Carnell

Author, Journalist, Genre Specialist

Action-horror author Thom Carnell brings you such thrillers as No Flesh Shall Be Spared and Carpe Noctem.

Episode 61: The Epic

On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell, Heather Buckley, and Langley J West discuss the EPIC Film. From Historical Epics (GONE WITH THE WIND) and Biblical Epics (TEN COMMANDMENTS) to Science Fiction Epics (APOLLO 13, AVATAR) and War Epics (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI), we cover them all. We also take a look at some of the films we’ve watched over the last week. Yes, we’re parting the Red Sea and burning down Atlanta with EPICS…

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