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Episode 99: Satanic Panic Films

On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell, Heather Buckley, and Langley J West discuss Satanic Panic films.

The term “satanic panic” was used to describe a reaction by people to media reports of "satanic ritual abuse" which was used to describe different behaviors, actions and allegations that lie between extremes of definitions. In 1988, a nationwide study of sexual abuse in U.S. day care agencies, led by David Finkelhor, divided "ritual abuse" allegations into three categories — cult-based ritualism in which the abuse had a spiritual or social goal for the perpetrators, pseudo-ritualism in which the goal was sexual gratification and the rituals were used to frighten or intimidate victims, and psychopathological ritualism in which the rituals were due to mental disorders. Subsequent investigators have expanded on these definitions and also pointed to a fourth alleged type of Satanic ritual abuse, in which petty crimes with ambiguous meaning (such as graffiti or vandalism) generally committed by teenagers were attributed to the actions of Satanic cults.
~ Wikipedia

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