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Action-horror author Thom Carnell brings you such thrillers as No Flesh Shall Be Spared and Carpe Noctem.

Episode 151: Werewolves Redux w/ Lorelei Shannon


On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell & Langley J West are joined by returning guest / author Lorelei Shannon to take another look at Werewolves. We've long held that, by changing out any one of the voices in a conversation, you change the conversation. With that in mind, Lorelei sits in as we discuss the applicable filmographies, the myths and legends of lycanthropy. Then, Lorelei sticks around for the usual news, trailers, and recommendations. 

Featured song: Danny Elfman "Dear Mr. Talbot"
from THE WOLFMAN (2010)

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