Thom Carnell

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Action-horror author Thom Carnell brings you such thrillers as No Flesh Shall Be Spared and Carpe Noctem.

Episode 113: Guns, Guns, Guns!!!

On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell is joined by Jon Edwards for a discussion of Guns in Cinema. From the Uberti Sharps 1874 Long Range rifle with a 34" barrel, fitted with Vernier sight in QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER & the Barrett .50 cal. M82 Sniper Rifle in SMOKIN' ACES to Deckard's Blaster in BLADE RUNNER & the BFG from DOOM, we'll try to cover some of the more impressive weapons in film. We'll also talk about Reality vs Fantasy during gun play. We'll also talk about some news, new trailers, and make a few recommendations.