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Episode 140: Kevin McTurk

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On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell & Langley J West talk with Special FX Artist and Filmmaker, Kevin McTurk. Kevin is a legendary FX artist who's worked on literally everything from JURASSIC PARK to KING KONG to PACIFIC RIM and STRANGER THINGS. He's also made several 'puppet films' called THE NARRATIVE OF VICTOR KARLOCH and THE MILL AT CALDER'S END that are absolutely beautiful. Kevin is now doing a Kickstarter for his next innovative and visually sumptuous film, THE HAUNTED SWORDSMAN. Then, Thom and Langley go over News, Trailers, and make some recommendations.

Here's a link to Kevin's Kickstarter campaign for THE HAUNTED SWORDSMAN:

Featured Song: Tomoyasu Hotei "Samurai Fiction"
(from the film, SAMURAI FICTION)

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