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Episode 191: Elizabeth Massie

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On the new episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell & Langley J West sit down with multiple Stoker Award-winning author, Elizabeth Massie. Beth is known for her subtle and effective Southern Gothic prose in novels like SINEATER, DESPER HOLLOW, HELL GATE, and IT, WATCHING. We've talked about one of Beth's stories a lot on this show, particularly the Ultra-creepy story, "Abed" which first appeared in Skipp & Spector's BOOK OF THE DEAD 2: STILL DEAD. If you haven't checked that story out, you really should. We also chat about movies, books, process, "Abed," Lindsay Wagner, Sineater, D.D. Murphy, music, and more. After the break, Thom & Langley come back to discuss news, review a few trailers, and make a few recommendations.

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